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Environmental engagement

Atys is a responsible member of the global community. Various actions have been taken to make Atys more “green” (Electronic signatures, preference for LED lamps, recycling of metal, electronics, card boxes, wooden pall, food, etc)

Atys goal is to conduct business with Integrity, following environmentally sustainable and safe practices to ensure the health of the environment, our employees, customers, community and patients.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

As technology advances, electronic device life cycles become shorter. The replaced products, developed with valuable resources, become electronic waste and, when misplaced or disposed improperly, can present a risk.

Atys considers the principles of sustainable production and consumption and contributes to prevent generation of unnecessary WEEE. Our products are designed taking into account the possibility to repair, upgrade, re-use, disassemble and recycle, while making medical technology and knowledge more impactful and accessible to physicians and their patients.

Today, Atys still maintain and repair its medical devices that were manufactured more than 15 years ago.