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Innovation is crucial into Atys Medical product development strategy.

Since 2014, Atys Medical has collaborated with Creatis (www.creatis.insa-lyon.fr) through the AtysCrea Labcom for the development of software regarding
two main fields that are emboli detection from transcranial Doppler signals and post-processing of the 3D images of the high resolution ultrasound scanner Dermcup.

  • Atys Medical has put on the market the first transcranial Doppler Holter, the TCD-X, that has been developped in cooperation with Doctor Rune Aaslid. This is a unique product.

  • Atys Medical is the only manufacturer that has designed a digital transcranial Doppler device fitted with a reliable industrial real time operating system. This operating system does not generate spurious crashes down and cannot be affected by any virus when the transcranial Doppler is connected to the network.
    Besides, Atys Medical has had the audacity to integrated an ergonomic and optimized trolley into its transcranial Doppler device LOOKI. The LOOKI is a unique product.

  • In the field of cardiac output monitoring with oesophageal Doppler, Atys Medical offers exceptional features. Indeed the WAKIe TO is the alone oesophageal Doppler cardiac output monitor on the market fitted with the modern digital technology and offering the M-mode display. M-mode display is a help to probe positionning.

  • The high resolution imaging systems, Dermcup, are again the proof of Atys Medical's innovation dynamism. Thanks to technological advances, they provide high resolution images while being very easy to use.