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DERMCUP: High resolution ultrasound scanner for skin imaging

Dermcup portable


Ultrasound scanner dedicated to dermis

Dermcup allows the acquisition in real time and in-vivo of high resolution skin vertical cross sections

25 MHz: 16 mm x 12 mm

50 MHz: 16 mm x 4 mm

Dermis is echogenic. The echoes come from the network of collagen fibers and elastic fibers. The lesions (tumors, cysts, angiomas) have a hypoechoic appearance.

High resolution echography for dermatology

Thank to its high frequency (15 and 50 MHz), the Dermcup offers a high resolution:
  • Axial: 30 10-3mm
  • Lateral: 120 10-3 mm
In dermatology, it is necessary to visualize infracentimeter lesions. This cannot be done with traditional ultrasound scanner fitted with 7 to 13 MHz probes.
DERMCUP is well adjusted for visualization of lesions in dermis.

Probes: 25 and 50 MHz

2D probe
Easy to handle
Real time acquisition of 10 images/s
Very ergonomic

3D probe
Acquisition of 300 2D images


Atys in collaboration with Creatis (biomedical imaging research laboratory: www.creatis.insa-lyon.fr) through AtysCrea Labcom has developped a powerful sotfware that performs the segmentation of structures that are present in the dermis (tumors, ...).

A version of the 3D viewer is available on demand (click here to contact Atys).



Skin aging

Image library

Impairment of the horizontal structure of the skin with the presence of a homogeneous very hypoechoic lesion.

Ulcerated melanoma on the forearm infiltrating the dermis (the histological thickness was 3.7 mm, measured at 3.68 mm on echography image).

Melanoma of the ear
Impairment of the horizontal structure of the skin with the presence of a homogeneous very hypoechoic lesion (arrow).

Basocellular carcinoma

Basocellular carcinoma on the forehead (above the temporal artery)

Basocellular carcinoma on the face above the mastoid

Superficial carcinoma

Pigmented carcinoma

Compound nevus of the dermis
Hypoechoic lesion with many echoes and margins with adjacent dermis not well-defined

Hypoechoic homogeneous dermal lesion with poorly-defined margins

Seborrhoeic keratosis
Superficial lesion with often prominent entry echo line due to superficial keratose

Epidermal cyst
Lesion often round, well-defined with inside strong echoes parallel to the surface

Sub-epidermal bubble
Anechoic lesion with thin hyperechoic line in the dermal surface demonstrating its
sub-epidermal situation

Seborrhoeic wart
Posterior attenuation in the dermis due to prominent entry echo (heavily keratinized tumour).

Angioma of the lip
Echoic homogeneous and well-defined lesion


Tuberous angioma with thrombosis

Hypertrophic scar
Hypoechoic aspect
Visualisation of horizontal organization of collagen fibbers