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DERMCUP: Ultrasound scanner for small animal imaging


Imaging of small laboratory animals

DERMCUP is a high resolution ultrasound scanner designed specifically for the imaging of small laboratory animals, such as mice.
DERMCUP allows the acquisition in real time and non-invasively of 16 mm x 12 mm vertical cuts for in vivo assessment of anatomical structures.

High resolution ultrasound scanner

Thanks to its high frequency (25 MHz), DERMCUP offers spatial resolution down to 30 microns:
  • Axial: 30 µm
  • Lateral: 120 µm

Real time acquisition of the images

The acquisition frequency of the high resolution ultrasound scanner is 10 images per second.

Ergonomic probe

The probe of the high resolution ultrasound scanner can be easily moved during the examination.
Confortable handling of the probe.

Two probe types are available

Linear probe Sectorial probe

Dermcup imaging station

The Dermcup imaging station allows for quick set-up, alignment and adjustment of the ultrasound probe, anesthetized mouse and if required the injection system (for image guided injection applications)

Image atlas recorded with the high resolution ultrasound scanner on mice


Mouse muscle