Our products

Atys medical is a French company specialized in the manufacture and marketing of products dedicated to non-invasive diagnosis. The company offers vascular Doppler, vascular diagnostic devices, transcranial Doppler, systolic pressure measurement at the toe. Atys medical products are designed to be highly efficient and reliable. They offer an unparalleled service to the healthcare professionals who use them daily in their practices: training (Paris), 24/7 technical support (France) and a 12-month warranty for all our equipment. The challenge for the design department is to design products that are simple enough for the end-users, but at the same time provide all the necessary information. To do this, we rely on two methods: brainstorming with end-users and concept testing using CAD software.

The latter are used to quickly build a functional model before making real parts. This allows us to make changes early in the process without incurring high costs or creating new molds for parts that may not work any better than what is already available. The idea behind these tools has always been to help our users get the most out of their Atys medical devices while staying within their budget.

For example, the use of 3D printing has saved us thousands of dollars by creating prototypes that are perfectly tailored to the end user's needs. The Atys medical team has always considered 3D printing as an ally in its daily work. Such a philosophy is not new, but it takes time for manufacturers to adapt. We have been developing our methods since 2012, when 3D printing was still in its infancy in terms of material variety and quality of finished parts. Today, high-end machines are capable of producing extremely precise parts with amazing surface finishes!