Oesophageal Doppler cardiac output monitor


WAKIe TO enables continuous and non-invasive monitoring of essential hemodynamic data for optimisation of fluid and drug administration.

WAKIe TO is used during surgery and critical care.

Thanks to its reusable probe, the WAKIe TO is a particularly economical and environmentally friendly monitor.

The WAKIe TO is the only cardiac output monitor that can be paired with a transcranial Doppler in one device.

wakie to-oesophageal Doppler cardiac output monitor

Reusable Doppler probes

The probe is designed to last. It is equipped with a Doppler sensor of better quality than if it were disposable.
The cost of using the WAKIe TO is reduced.
Cost of waste treatment reduced.
Minimized environmental impact.

oesophageal Doppler probe-Cardiac output monitor


The blood flow velocity in the descending aorta is measured non-invasively by the Doppler probe placed in the oesophagus.

Cardiac output is assessed with a nomogram from the blood velocity and the patient data (age, height and weight).

insertion of the oesophageal Doppler probe in oesophagus

M-Mode display for easier placement of the probe

The M-mode display makes it easy to set up the probe and identify Doppler signals.

fluid fliiling optimisation with esophageal Doppler cardiac output monitor