Innovative transcranial Doppler


Atys has been manufacturing transcranial Doppler devices for more than 25 years.

The WAKIe, that is sold worldwide, represents a significant technological advance over current systems. In addition to offering all that is expected from a modern transcranial Doppler, it can be fitted with robotic probes. The robotic probes greatly facilitate signal search and improve its stability and quality.

Three models make up the WAKIe range to best meet the requirements of all users.


Help with finding the Doppler signal

  • M-Mode display.
  • Beside the main spectrum, display of 8 other spectra for a visualization of the blood flows according to the depth.
  • One signal acquisition is enough to get velocities at different depths

Compact size and portability

The WAKIe is a completely integrated and space-saving device.

  • It weighs less than 6 kg and is equipped with a comfortable handle and a basket for accessories.
  • Thanks to its battery, it is usable in various environments and can follow a patient in his movements.
  • The battery saves time. When the device is moved from one bed to another, it does not have to be restarted each time; it is immediately available.

Robotic probes

In addition to a large selection of conventional quality probes, the WAKIe offers 2 MHz and 1.6 MHz robotic probes:

  • Doppler signal search is faster and less user-dependent: the probe scans all the possible orientations and positions itself on the one corresponding to the strongest signal.
  • Good signal conservation over longer period: the orientation of the probe is readjusted automatically when the signal quality decreases.
sondes robotisees

Emboli detection

The emboli detection software is the same as that of the TCD-X. It is very reliable and allows the user to quickly check and validate detected events.

  • It displays the list of HITS as well as detailed information characterizing them.
  • It ranks HITS based on a confidence factor.
  • It can replay each HITS (video signal and audiogram).
  • Even during detection, the user has the possibility to review and check the previously detected HITS.
  • An examination report can be automatically generated and exported.
détection d'embole