Vascular Doppler

Microflow S

MICROFLOW S is a vascular Doppler. it provides clear audio sound of blood flow.

In standard configuration, it is fitted with a high sensitivity 8 MHz Doppler probe.

This vascular probe is thin, light and very handy. It offers comfort of use and allows precise positioning.

As an option, a 4 MHz Doppler probe is available.

By design the Atys' vascular Doppler probes are very sturby; their casing remains leaktight for years.

MICROFLOW S combines performance and simplicity.

MICROFLOW S can be used for ABI measurements.

microflow s vascular Doppler for blood flow detection and ankle systolic pressure

Doppler bi-directional content

Indication of flow direction by red and blue LEDs.

Indication of the signal amplitude by LEDs.

Headphone socket.

microflow s-Atys medical vascular Doppler- PAD

Control keypad

  • On/Off button
  • Volume key +
  • Volume key -
  • Battery level indicator
  • Blood flow direction indicators

Power supply

  • 9V alkaline battery type 6LR61
  • Automatic stop after one minute without signal

Long lasting device

MICROFLOW S over 20 years old are still in service. Our vascular ultrasound Doppler devices are designed to last through years of everyday use.

We are concerned about the environment and manufacture robust, durable and repairable equipment.