First transcranial Doppler Holter


Atys medical, manufacturer of Doppler devices for more than 30 years, collaborated with Dr. Rune Aaslid to develop the first Transcranial Doppler Holter.

Thanks to its ultimate portability, TCD-X offers new opportunities for recording transcranial Doppler signals for several hours on ambulatory patients involved in sports or daily life activities.

TCD-X is easy to assemble and simple to operate.

Ttranscranial Doppler tcd-x tcdx from Atys medical

Easier Doppler signal search

The Doppler probe is robotized.

It automatically scans all its possible orientations in search of the Doppler signal.

It positions itself on the best signal.

Transcranial Doppler robot probe

Recording reliability

The Doppler probe can automatically adjust its orientation during recording to ensure stability of signal quality over time.

The probability of losing the signal is reduced.

Atys medical transcranial Doppler monitoring

New opportunities for brain perfusion studies

ambulatory portable Transcranial Doppler TCD-X TCDX

Thanks to its unique characteristics, the TCD-X is a powerful tool that offers new clinical horizons for emboli or HITS detection and physiological studies:

  • Asymptomatic carotid stenosis
  • Bubble test for PFO
  • Altitude sickness
  • Postural transition

Recording duration

The system that maintains the probe on the patient's head is not bulky and very comfortable.

It is much more comfortable than traditional headframes that induce pain less than 30 minutes after placement.

It looks like a spectacle frame. The patients withstand it very well for several hours.

This is an important feature for emboli detection: the probability of recording emboli is proportional to the duration of the recording.

The recording time can be programmed. The recording stops properly without the help of a trained operator.

Transcranial Doppler probe on an Atys medical probe holder

Time saving

The software for reading and analyzing the Doppler signal makes it possible to quickly display:

  • The results of the detection of emboli
  • Velocity profiles and their trends

Also, for the sake of efficiency, the emboli detection software facilitates the control of HITS by the expert.

  • It ranks HITS based on a confidence factor.
  • It displays the HITS list as well as detailed information characterizing them.
  • It replays each HITS (video signal and audiogram)

An examination report can be automatically generated and exported.

Atys medical transcranial Doppler advanced emboli detection